Sunday, March 3, 2013

Proof of SFI

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These are the list of sample proofs which are earned by my upline sponsors and my friends.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Specially for Newly Registered Members

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Hello my loving SFI Members :D ,
I have come to let you know "HOW TO GO FURTHER" specially for Newly Registered members. It will also help to SFI people who have payment problem and want time to understand SFI system.

First Mind these 4 points :

[1] You need to collect 1500VP in 1 month to become EA(Every month VP are being reset, so no need to collect more)

[2] From the day of registration you are in E365
For more Info read this :
Main thing : You need to pass all 6 rounds to become E365 Finalist and to pass all 6 rounds you need to be above greenline until all round finishes.

[3] FREE VP Source : Two types as below
1. Single time VP Source :
=> Getting Started Actions 
=> Intermediate actions
=> Launchpad 
2. Multiple time VP Source
=> Daily actions
=> Weekly actions
=> Monthly actions
=> Tripleclicks Sales
=> Team Leadership Support

[4] Must read these to Understand SFI

I am dividing Registration of new affiliates in 3 parts as following.

1) If you have registered between 1st - 10th of the Month :

Follow these steps on 1st day of Registration:
=> Go to to-do list page click here and in that "Getting Started actions"

Complete all this actions :
150 - Confirming your Registration..
100 - Whistlisting mail..
75 - Completing your SFI...
35 - reviewing marketing methods...
35 - reviewing marketing ads..
50 - Sending your SFI..
25 - Entering your personal..
25 - Registering as a2a ..
50 - Reading Getting Started...
20+20 - Following SFI+ Tripleclicks on Twittter
20+20 - Following SFI+ Tripleclicks on Facebook
35 - Uploading your Photo
11 -Daily actions

=> These total actions will give you 671VP and in next 30 min you will get 500VP FREE. You will also be awarded as Fast track member as you had done 1st task of Getting Started action .

=> So now you have 1171VP and more than 20 days...So now don’t take any more points of getting started actions , Intermediate actions or Launchpad Points.( you can read all info in that but don’t take VP of them ,save it to Use them for next month to retain your EA next month)

=> You are needed 329VP only to become EA now.
Now do daily actions till month ends so 20*11=220 you will get easily and in 3rd round qualification in same month so you will get more 100VP.

=> So you can reach 1500VP easily before month ends and now you have much more points with you to use it next month.

=> My best advice to you is immediately order a W3 kit to sustain your EA for a longtime ..
more information about W3 read here :

=> W3 kit can take 10 - 40 days to come at your address (depending upon Country you live in)so it will be wiser to order As soon as possible.

NOTE : You can see your Greenline reducing daily. If you are nearer to greenline please use Intermediate points , launchpad points . All above Information are how to use Free VP preciously.

2) If you have registered between 10th-20th of the Month :

=> Complete all Getting Started actions 1st day of Registration. It will give you 741VP immediately and in next 30 min 500Free as a fast track member. So total you will have 1241 on 1st day of SFI.

=> You will now have min 10days and max 15-20 days , so you will get 11VP for each day. you will have roughly 110-150VP till month ends. So now you have 1350 something VP , your 3rd round of SFI will also ends before month ends which will give you 100VP. so you will have 1450VP something now use Intermediate action points to fulfil your 1500VP Requirement .

=> Don’t forget to Order W3 , it will cost only 1.95$ but will give you awesome benefits.

=> Order W3 kit As soon as possible.

NOTE : You can see your Greenline reducing daily. If you are nearer to greenline please use Intermediate points , launchpad points . All above Information are how to use Free VP preciously.

3) If you have registered between 20th-30th of the Month :

=> Complete all Getting Started actions 1st day of Registration => 730VP

=> In next 30 min you will get 500more so total => 730+500= 1230 and do daily action(11VP) => 1230+11=1241

=> Complete all INTERMEDIATE ACTIONS except Setting Up standing order => 300VP from it
So 1241+300VP=1541 easily even if you register on the last day of the month.

=> Order W3 kit As soon as possible.

In all 3 types you will left with Launchpad points, Mind this LAUNCHPAD are very much essential to understand SFI system. You read them all but don’t take points until you don’t require. 8-)

My main Intense to post this tips for people who can spend plenty of time(approx 1.5-2 month) to understand SFI's System and also can retain EA for a long. Never Forget to Order W3 kit, no one can gives you such benefits as W3 Giving. :)

Fore more detail about Retaining EA easily Every month
read my this post : 8-)

Good luck to all New members and have a great Future here. Meet u soon in another post explaining to get free VP points and TC credits to participate in bidding auctions and win the products and cash.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SFI Genuine Home Business

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Are you thinking about starting a home business? Not sure where to begin? Start your home business on a rock-solid base! Consider teaming up with us. Since 1985, we've helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide build successful home businesses. And we can help you, too.

SFI Marketing Group was started by Gery Carson in 1998. Between 1985 and 1998 Gery was a leading marketer for several direct sales companies. He was also a successful business magazine publisher. SFI (which stands for Strong Future International) started with just one product, which was sold only in the USA at the time. Today, SFI sells 50,000 products and services in over 190 countries around the world.

SFI’s parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is now in its 26th year of business. SFI is based in Nebraska, USA. The company has no debts and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.Today, SFI is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing companies in the world. Several thousand new affiliates join SFI every week.

How Do You Join SFI?

SFI is free to join. All you need is a computer and Internet access. Simply fill in the online free sign up form. You don’t have to buy anything to join or stay a member.

What Do You Get When You Join SFI?

SFI gives affiliates a website to recruit their team and another website (Tripleclicks) to sell products. SFI looks after customer service, payment processing, and product shipment for you.

How Do You Make Money With SFI?

There are two basic ways to make money with SFI. First, you make money by building an active team.. Second, you make money when you sell SFI products and services The SFI Opportunity. SFI is free to join. It has very good training and support. Plus, if you join my team you will have an active sponsor who will work with you until you succeed.

Arun kumar
SFI Executive Affiliate